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Sunday, 30 September 2012

How to install Brick Pavers on budget

Brick Pavers are classic options for enhancing the attractiveness and endurance of your driveways, pathways and courtyards. The installation of brick pavers has to go through several steps. These are:
1. Defining your actual need and creating a well-defined plan
2. Ordering the requisite raw materials
3. Defining the project area
4. Scoping your slopes to prevent water accumulation
5. Digging the installation area and laying a solid foundation
6. Installing the edge restraints
7. Putting down the layer of sand and laying the pavers
8. Packing the pavers into sand and sweeping sand into the joints
9. Sealing the pavers with a sealing product
These activities need to be performed by highly skilled experts so that you get the desired professional elegance and touch.
The price you pay for installing your brick pavers would depend on several factors:

- The most crucial factor that you need to consider is the cost of Brick pavers in your area. In 2012, the charge per square foot area has fluctuated in the range of $4 to $5.2. If you need to install brick paver patios then the range is much higher between $7.5 and $14.

- Local Labour costs in your zone also play a vital role. Typically, an accredited and well-known service provider will charge you more than an unlicensed provider. It is very important to remember that higher cost doesn't mean the best possible outcome and service. The service provider might not be reputed but if he is highly skilled and honest then he can provide you more value for your money. You must aim to get offers from different qualified service providers. You can then select the one that offers you the best value deal. Always ensure to tie the payments to the delivery milestones. This will ensure that you accomplish the tasks on time and receive quality support.
- To get the best possible deal from a service provider you need to be very flexible in terms of the job schedule.
- You need to choose the required raw materials based on your need. Shingle, Self-binding gravel or bound gravel are more expensive options. Sharp Sand and Builders sand are quite economical and also provide considerable strength to the brick pavers. If you are looking out for quality household solutions then these might work better for you. The mixture of gravel with small stone and sand is also an affordable and durable option. It is also necessary to ensure that your brick pavers are not susceptible to frost else they would break up.
- There are wide varieties of Cement available in the market. You need to choose your option discretely taking quality and economy into consideration. You also need to select an affordable and superior quality sealant.
- The type, grade, size, quantity and colour of brick flooring will impact your cost. Carefully select the flooring that meets your needs and falls in your budget.
- If you have more brick paver work to be done then you might get a better deal. It might be a better idea to tie more work to the same project.
- The complexity of the job matters as well. Lesser complexity would mean that you pay less.
- Type of laying pattern also impacts the cost. If you go for herring bone pattern then it will cost you much higher compared to the basket weave pattern. So, it is necessary to choose wisely.
- The finishing quality also influences the cost drastically.
- The Cost of installation supplies, delivery cost, servicing tools and machinery cost , service provider transportation costs, site clean-up costs, cost to protect existing components also need to be considered. These costs vary from one service provider to another. You would need to get these details before selecting the provider.
- The supervision fees for handling the Brick Paver Installation can also add up to your costs.
Considering the above factors would help you install the brick pavers within your budget constraints.

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